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Ash Berlin ash_js at firemirror.com
Tue Sep 7 09:34:18 PDT 2010

On 7 Sep 2010, at 17:18, P T Withington wrote:
> On 2010-09-07, at 12:02, Brendan Eich wrote:
>> 3. identical
> If I had a vote, +1
> Is there someplace that concisely explains the cost of just fixing `===` so I could understand why that is not a choice?

FWIW this sort of naming issue is a rabbit hole that CommonJS fell down when it came to method names for a unit test framework[0]. There was no real consensus, but we settled on equal meaning == and strictEqual meaning ===. 


[0]: http://wiki.commonjs.org/wiki/Unit_Testing/1.0
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