es-discuss Digest, Vol 43, Issue 1

Erik Corry erik.corry at
Thu Sep 2 04:08:39 PDT 2010

2010/9/2 Leo Meyerovich <lmeyerov at>:
> There are use cases for enumeration like proper native GC in data flow abstractions

Perhaps you could elaborate on this.  I wasn't able to understand what
you meant by this.

Btw. In case it isn't obvious I would rather avoid changes to the
WeakMaps proposal that make the effects of GC visible to the
programmer (beyond the obvious one of the program not crashing with an
OOM error).  This is bound to lead to incompatibilities and/or
unwanted restrictions on the implementation of GC.  Making the keys
enumerable would be one such change.

Erik Corry

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