es-discuss Digest, Vol 43, Issue 1

Leo Meyerovich lmeyerov at
Thu Sep 2 02:43:06 PDT 2010

> I would strongly oppose any way to trigger a full garbage collection
> from JavaScript.  Experience from the Java world shows that it is
> inevitably abused with very serious performance consequences.

Red herring, though JVM deployments seem like good examples of systems using advanced controls on memory behavior.

My point was that weak map has been examined in terms of few and seemingly haphazardly drawn use cases. There's an accepted desire for more advanced use of GC functionality, so I'm interested in more description of to what ends (e.g., use cases beyond soft fields, wrappers/membranes, and data flow / callback management). Pushing it through in terms of these few use cases is surprising for such a semantically significant feature -- I am not questioning the mechanics (which have been admirably done wrt safety) but scope.

If nobody is clear about what else they're hoping to use it for, I rather not waste anyone's time on the expressive abilities here (and see no obvious problems with the mechanics of the current proposal).


- Leo

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