Harmony and globals

David Herman dherman at mozilla.com
Wed Oct 20 09:34:24 PDT 2010

This is discussed in the simple modules spec:


The top of the scope chain would not be a global *object* but there would still be global bindings.

One of the things on my to-do list is to create a strawman for where all the standard libraries would live. Presumably, the stuff that is in the initial global object in <= ES5 would be in scope by default, ie in the initial environment. So undefined, isNaN, Array, String, etc would still be accessible through the usual means.


On Oct 20, 2010, at 8:43 AM, Peter van der Zee wrote:

> In the other thread it was mentioned that Harmony would not have global at the top of the scope chain. Was that pulled out of context or is that something planned for any code as long as you're in Harmony? Because if it is, I'm wondering about the semantics of built-in globals like undefined, isNaN and the built-in objects (Array, String, etc).
> - peter
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