Proxies: get+fn vs. invoke

Dmitry A. Soshnikov dmitry.soshnikov at
Mon Oct 11 13:00:51 PDT 2010

  On 11.10.2010 22:45, Tom Van Cutsem wrote:
>     Where this proposal is described? I didn't see it. I'll support
>     it. Even if the committee won't agree on noSuchMethod, it'd at
>     least will be great to have a parametrized get. Though, repeat,
>     IMO, a separated method for this case is better.
> I think the thread starts here: 
> <>

i agree with Faisal Vali in that thread (actually, I see that he talked 
about similar lacks of of proxies get). I remember that thread, though I 
included later, when was asking Mark "why are exactly proxies but not 

Also I think if some ideological sound design decision will be made, 
some concrete implementation doesn't matter much (taking into account 
the fact that the talk is about /new future feature/ -- which 
JavaScriptCore and in particular Oliver Hunt will implemented (with 
rewriting the logic of VM machine if needed) -- in order to conform ES 
specification). I can't believe that JS programmers will hear the answer 
on the question: "Why does JS has no such feature in the design?" as -- 
"Because JavaScriptCore don't wanna fix it". What is the reason that 
this is a sensible?

So, do you see that such implementation of noSuchMethod has a major lack 
with the case which is in JS for years -- with if (! = 
{...} ?

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