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Peter van der Zee ecma at qfox.nl
Thu Nov 4 10:32:36 PDT 2010

Shouldn't any var declared in the catch block be locally scoped as well?
It seems that all browsers ignore that.

try {x} catch(){ var y; } alert(y);

The above should throw an error, yet it's undefined. In fact, even if the catch 
is not thrown y still exists (but if the catch block is not processed as a 
seperate scope, I suppose that's to be expected).

- peter

> On Oct 11, 2010, at 4:40 PM, David Herman wrote:
>> ES3 `catch' is block-scoped. At the last face-to-face, we talked
>> about statically disallowing var-declarations from hoisting past
>> let-declarations:
>> function f() {
>> {
>> let x = "inner";
>> {
>> var x = "outer"; // error: redeclaration } } }
>> I just noticed a case I missed in the discussion, which has
>> actually existed since ES3:
>> function g() {
>> try {
>> throw "inner";
>> } catch (x) {
>> var x = "outer";
>> }
>> }
>> This is allowed, and it binds a function-scoped variable x, while
>> assigning "outer" to the catch-scoped variable x. This is pretty
>> goofy, and almost certainly not what the programmer expects. And
>> it's exactly analogous to the function f above, which
>> SpiderMonkey currently rejects and we all agreed Harmony ought to
>> reject.
>> It's too late to add this case to ES5's strict mode restrictions,
>> but I propose we ought to reject it in Harmony.
> Dave caught this glitch in ES5 too late to fix before Ecma
> submitted the spec to ISO. We can't change the ES5 spec now. We
> will fix the spec later, but the change won't show up in a
> normative spec for a while. Meanwhile, what implementations do has
> more teeth than what a spec says.
> Mark Miller makes a good case that implementors should future-proof
> against Harmony making this case an error by rejecting it from
> their ES5 strict implementations. For Mozilla we plan to do this.
> It would be good to get agreement from the rest of the big five, so
> I'm taking the liberty of mailing you individually, cc'ing es-
> discuss (where Mark and your avid fans await ;-).
> /be
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