Adoption of the Typed Array Specification

Arun Ranganathan arun at
Thu May 13 05:57:28 PDT 2010

Greetings, TC-39 WG and script mavens!

Browser vendors participating in the WebGL WG intend to implement the 
"Typed Arrays" specification, allowing for greater manipulation of 
binary data:

The draft specification (a work in progress) resides at Khronos, which 
is typically an unusual home for something integral to the rest of the 
web platform.  Khronos is where we work on WebGL, which enjoys Google, 
Opera, Mozilla, and Apple participation, amongst other organizations.

The general usefulness of constructs such as ArrayBuffers (covered in 
the "Typed Arrays" draft specification) lends itself to other web 
platform specifications, such as the File API, parts of which are 
implemented in Firefox 3.6.3:

In the above draft (also a work in progress), the Blob interface exposes 
an ArrayBuffer property, which can then be used with different views.

While implementations are currently proceeding unimpeded by 
standards-track considerations, it would be useful if Typed Arrays were 
taken on as a work item by TC-39, for more general inclusion in 
JavaScript.  Should it live elsewhere, and if so, where?

-- A*

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