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>> Subject: Tech talk on proxies and traits
>> Hi,
>> I recently gave a Google tech talk on my joint work with Mark S. Miller on Harmony proxies and the traits.js library. Below is an abstract and a link to the video.
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>> Video:
>> Talk slides:
>> traits.js library:
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> Thanks Tom.  I've felt the need for a robust interception mechanism in
> javascript for years now and was disheartened when I read about
> interceptors "climbing the meta ladder" in a possibly prohibitive way.
>  Now, as a result of all your hard work I think we'll be getting quite
> a comprehensive interceptor solution that compromises little. You have
> my gratitude.
> Also, thanks for the excellent talk - it is a clear, simple and well
> illustrated introduction to Proxies and Traits.
> I do have one request for clarification regarding the object 'proto'
> supplied during proxy creation:
> (i.e. Proxy.create(handler, proto))
> Before a proxy has been fixed, the 'proto' is invisible to all
> accesses and mutations on proxy (i.e they are all delegated to the
> handler). Correct?
> So It seems to me that the 'proto' object serves only two purposes -
>  1) 'proto' is returned when one calls 'Object.getPrototypeOf(proxy)'
>  2) When a proxy gets 'fixed', the 'proto' object is made the
> 'fixed-proxys's prototype - and all subsequent accesses not explicitly
> handled by the 'fixed-proxy' will be forwarded to the 'proto'
> Correct?

Hi Failsal,

Yes, these two. And one more thing I can think of:

3) proxy instanceof Foo
uses proxy's proto to determine if proxy is an instance of Foo.

> Thanks again!
> Faisal Vali
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