Announcing TC39 ECMAScript Test Suite Project - Test262

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Tue Jun 22 17:29:51 PDT 2010

(I'm going to try to shift this thread to the test262-discuss list, by bccing: es-discuss.)

I think we all agree that a web based test runner is part of what we want to have.  It seems inevitable that some sort of pass % or similar score has to display even though it's not clear whether such a score is very meaningful for this style of test suite.  You can get big fluctuation because a single bugs can cause many individual tests to fail while in other cases a really significant bugs  might only show up in a small number.

If anybody has any ideas for a meaningful metric that doesn't have those sorts of sensitivities, let's hear it.


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> Yes, there is an acidic element to this project.  There will eventually be a website
> where anyone can test their browser's conformance against the test262 suite
> like they can today against the acid tests.
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> >> The intent is a suite that tests an implementation against the actual
> requirement of the Ecma-262 standard. It will be based upon and similar to what
> you can already see in the Sputnik and ES5conform suites.  Those tests generally
> identify a specific requirement of a specific section of the spec. and then try to
> prove that the requirement is/isn't met by an implementation.
> >>
> >> Give that the standard specification itself  is not particularly understandable
> to the general public, it probably isn't reasonable to expect that all the tests of
> the specification would be understandable to the same public.
> >>
> >> However, reasonable understandability is a good goal.  What are some of the
> characteristics of the W3C suites that make them "acidic"?
> >
> > I believe that the various "Acid" tests for rendering are what's being
> > referred to here [1].  I think the relevant characteristc is that
> > anyone can run them in their browser, and they display a visual
> > rendering of how "good" a job the browser does, making them into
> > easily-distinguishable markers of conformance to whatever is tested.
> > It's not clear to me whether this would be good for this test suite.
> >
> > [1]
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