global function declarations and predefined global properties

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>  Yes, except that the ES5 spec. only defines what it defines…any
> non-standard extenders are on their own when trying to leverage ES5 spec.
> language so define their semantics. It may or may not fit some new use.
> Also, if you think that such non-strict lexical declaration are going to be
> a de facto standard language feature than you should probably be campaigning
> to add them to the Harmony standard.

I'm very happy that Harmony itself will be a successor only to ES5/strict.
That said, I do expect such lexical declarations to be de facto for
non-strict code, so we should document as much agreement on their semantics
as we can get. Perhaps at <

> If you wanted to have lexically scoped declarations within with blocks, why
> assume that they would add properties to the with object.  Why shouldn’t
> such declaration be defined in a declarative scope that is nested within the
> with object scope?
The conflict I was worried about is that both "with" and global scope use
object environment records, effectively treating the top level as if within
"with (global) {...}" block. However, now that you raise it, we can
retroactively rationalize "with" as creating an object environment record
and nested within it a block-level declarative environment record <>.
By contrast, we explain global scope as just an object environment record.
This justifies adding block level global declarations to the global object
but not adding block level declarations to the with object.

Great suggestion, thanks!

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> AFAICT, the issue would also arise for "with" statements if the body of a
> "with" statement could contain a definition which is not hoisted around the
> "with". Although ES5 does not provide any such non-hoisted definitions,
> neither does it prohibit them. Three such non-hoisted definitions are
> expected in ES-next: "let", "const", and nested function definitions. Since
> several browsers are expected to support these for ES5 non-strict code[*],
> this issue will arise for "with" in these ES5 implementations.
> [*] <
> >

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