Value types page started

Brendan Eich brendan at
Thu Jan 28 13:58:53 PST 2010

Value types would be objects that behave like primitives such as  
number and string: they are immutable or appear to be, so can be  
memoized and compared freely without object identity breaking value  
identity (in general; decimal cohort issues notwithstanding).

The Ecma TC39 committee is in favor of exploring adding value types to  
allow library authors to implement types such as Decimal, Rational,  
Complex, Quaternion, RGBColor, etc. In order to be usable, value types  
must "overload", really dispatch from, operator syntax; they also need  
to extend literal syntax (e.g. 1.1m for decimal 1.1).

I'm mailing to let folks know about a new wiki page. It's not a proper  
strawman proposal yet, alas -- it's my notes from an ad-hoc meeting  
last October. But it will become a strawman with enough work,  
including valuable feedback from es-discuss.

Here's the wiki link:

The issues raised include dispatch design, literal syntax, whether the  
built-in primitives can or should be recast as value types, and which  
operators are overloadable. Of course, this is an incomplete list of  
open issues.

It references (via hyperlinks) thread-head messages on es-discuss with  
subjects containing "Operator overloading":  
(Mark Miller's double-dispatch proposal)  
(Christian Hansen's pretty-much-multimethods-but-with-prototype- 
mutation counterproposal)  
(Jason Orendorff's post about what should be overloadable)

The meeting we had last October was productive, but I'm sorry to say  
we didn't have followup meetings since then. But we should, and I'll  
help keep the list and wiki updated. So please feel free to reply to  
this message if you have something to add. Thanks,


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