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Tue Jan 19 08:03:13 PST 2010

On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 10:04 PM, Oliver Hunt <oliver at> wrote:
> One thing i still do not understand is how a module is loaded -- there
> seems to be much reference to "module A" and "module B" but where
> (in the browser context) are we expecting them to be loaded from?

I deliberately left this open in order to allow enough wiggle room to
bring in the package proposal.

In the simplest case, imagine that "A" and "B" are URLs.

> To what extent are module instances expected to be shared ...

A module instance is shared if and only if the *instance* is supplied
as an object directly to the two participants in the sharing.

> Or are we primarily interested in defining the semantics for a module
> specifically, and leaving the actual import mechanism up to the
> embedding environment.

It is my hope that we would standardize this, but I didn't want to
overconstrain it and instead hoped for the discussion about what a
module ID "means" to happen with regard to the package proposal.


Ihab A.B. Awad, Palo Alto, CA

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