Module system strawpersons

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So would be a function A with a function bar attached.
I believe Ihab's proposal allows this.

In order to satisfy something like
(import B).foo() 
the browser would need to import B prior to reaching this statement 
or suspend execution at the '.' so the resources could be fetched.
I believe we're talking about the former - getting all resources early.

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On Mon, Jan 18, 2010 at 2:24 PM, Kam Kasravi <kamkasravi at> wrote:
> Hi Mike
> The former but not in the way you've described. Rather
> module A:
> this.getB= function() {
>   return new (import 'B')();
> }
> module B:
> this.getA = function() {
>   return new (import 'A')();
> }

In CommonJS, this doesn't seem like a special problem.  The imports
are not executed until the functions are called, so everything is
dandy.  I was referring to this situation:

module A:
import B

module B:
import A

Do the given proposals allow or disallow this?

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