Proxies: Additional item for January Agenda

Mark S. Miller erights at
Sat Jan 9 21:24:01 PST 2010

Tom Van Cutsem & I are quite satisfied with the alternate catchall strawman
we have posted as "proxies" at <>. The current state
of this strawman reflects all the input we have received from discussions on
es-discuss. It seems to hold up very well to all the use-case experiments we
have subjected it to (as gedanken experiments we cannot run yet).

Earlier I suggested that the weak-pointer / ephemeron-table strawman <> be on the
agenda for the January meeting, for us to consider promoting to "proposal"
status. I believe this strawman also reflects well the input from prior
discussions on es-discuss.

Proxies and weak-pointers are each individually fundamental enablers, in
that they make possible use-cases which are not really possible without
them, even by desugaring. An interesting curiosity is that we've found that
there seems to be a natural synergy between these two strawmen. Together,
they enable some important use cases that are not possible with either
individually, such as discardable compartments (illustrated at the <> home page).

I suggest that the January (27,28?) meeting agenda also include a discussion
of this proxies strawman, and that we should consider promoting it from
"strawman" to "proposal" status at that time. (Istvan and John, that's why
I'm cc'ing you explicitly.)

Finally, if there remains time, I would like to take time at the January
meeting to discuss the progress we're making towards defining a draft SES
(Secure EcmaScript) that can almost be implemented practically, indeed,
almost trivially, on an ES5 system (draft code at <> not working
yet). I am surprised to find how close ES5 already comes to achieving
Harmony goal #5. I don't have any action items to suggest re SES, but simply
want to share thinking and progress.

I do not mean to monopolize the January meeting. But if no one has more
pressing topics, I suggest all of these would also be good discussion topics
for es-discuss between now and the January meeting. Especially if anyone has
any remaining unaddressed objections to the weak-pointer or proxies

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