MultiLineComment composition

Peter van der Zee ecma at
Sun Feb 28 02:30:49 PST 2010


I was wondering about the MultiLineComment composition. But I'm having trouble 
sending email to this list. Not sure why and not sure why I would keep trying, 
but maybe the composition of the email is somehow blocking my attempts. So let's 
try a shorter simpler email this time.

Why is MultiLineComment the way it is? I can define it much simpler. Is there 
any place that records decisions made in the spec? Arguments why one way was 
chosen over the other? There seem to be a few inconsistencies in the general ES5 
design (not problems, per se, just different ways of defining the spec) and I'm 
wondering why the spec wasn't straightened out to get rid of these 
inconsistencies :)

With regards,

Peter van der Zee

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