simple modules

David Herman dherman at
Wed Feb 3 15:43:14 PST 2010

>>> Well, a "module system" is a language construct
> I not sure I agree with that characterization.  A Module is a "language construct" as it as specific syntactic element of the language. It is a specific thing that you have to learn about when you "learn" the language.

I was pretty imprecise, sorry. All I meant was that informally, people use the phrase "module system" to describe the whole of the design. As in, everything. Example: "We've been discussing lately the design of a module system on es-discuss." Confusing to overload familiar terminology, esp. when it's in the same space.

> Before we worry too much about the naming of new concepts perhaps we should try to identified the existing ambient concepts that need to be explicit and then add any new only that are needed to support new features.  

Sure, we're painting the specification bikeshed. We will need to agree on terms at least provisionally before long. But it can wait till there's content on the wiki.


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