simple modules

David Herman dherman at
Wed Feb 3 13:02:07 PST 2010

> If not, could possibly non-shared state be the default behaviour. And shared state modules - which share state within contexts - are somehow marked as shared at module definition. e.g.
> module ModShared {
> "use shared" // or some mechanism to signify shared state
> ...

IMO, this would be draconian, insufficient on its own for security, and ad hoc.

Sometimes you want global state. Sometimes you want a module that memoizes everything. When you decide that you want control over the memoization (separate memoization tables, multiple instances of your memoizing data structures, etc.), you put the state in functions and/or objects and now it's not global anymore. That works well in ES already, and there's no need to restrict it.

That said, dialects (e.g. security-oriented dialects) would of course be free to provide such restrictions.


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