Modules Question

David Herman dherman at
Tue Dec 28 10:30:38 PST 2010

There's some flexibility built in to the system via module loaders. The "filesystem modules" example is hypothetical; it assumes a built-in module loader that maps files available on the filesystem to corresponding pre-defined, nested modules.

On the web, you would do almost as you suggest:

> // a.js
> module a
> {
>     module b = "b.js";
> }

except that a.js doesn't name itself; it's named by the script that loads it:

    // a.js
    module b = "b.js";

    // b.js

    // project.html
    <script type="harmony">
    module a = "a.js";


PS I will be updating the wiki pages soon to reflect some of the finer-grained details and tweaks I've made to the design based on my experience prototyping modules in Narcissus ( I'll ping the list when the pages are updated.

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