Strong vs weak encapsulation [correction]

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On 2010-12-21 08:27, David-Sarah Hopwood wrote:
> The private names and soft field proposals are similar in the
> visibility mechanisms they can simulate, but soft fields are slightly
> more general. In either proposal, visibility can be restricted to a
> particular lexical scope. In the soft fields proposal, because
> SoftFields are first-class values, it can also be restricted to any
> set of objects that can get access to a given SoftField.

Correction: the syntax also allows private names to be treated as
first-class values, so the proposals are equivalent in this respect.

> I don't
> claim this to be a critical benefit, but it is occasionally
> useful in object-capability programming. For example, in
> <>,
> a Purse of a given currency is supposed to be able to access a
> private field of other Purses of the same currency, but not other
> Purses of different currencies. The implementation at
> <>
> uses WeakMaps to do this, and could just as well use soft fields

or private names

> if transliterated to ECMAScript.

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