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Ø  Currently is JS, x['foo'] and are precisely identical in all contexts.

This is true when the string contains a is a legal identifier and false otherwise. The [] syntax is a superset of the '.' syntax. The proposal preserves this through the use of "#" expression, e.g.,

                private x;
                this.x = 1;

is equivalent to

                private x;
                this[#.x] = 1;

which means it is still regular. What it doesn't preserve is the property name is always representable as a string. The property name becomes a plus type of String+Name. With proxies it becomes a String+Name+ProxiedName type where the ProxiedName is used to hide the Name value.


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>    function Point(x, y) {
>        private x, y;
>        this.x = x;
>        this.y = y;
>        ...
>    }
> than
>    function Point(x, y) {
>        var _x = gensym(), _y = gensym();
>        this[_x] = x;
>        this[_y] = y;
>    }
I tend to disagree with most developers, so take it with a grain of
salt that I find the latter form, with all the implied abilities,
easier to understand.

I do too. While terseness clearly contributes to understandability, regularity and simplicity do too. When these conflict, we should be very careful about sacrificing regularity.

Currently is JS, x['foo'] and are precisely identical in all contexts. This regularity helps understandability. The terseness difference above is not an adequate reason to sacrifice it.

Kris Kowal
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