Announcing ES5.1, final draft

Allen Wirfs-Brock allen at
Wed Dec 15 10:11:55 PST 2010

The process for advancing ES5 from an Ecma standard to an ISO standard should be completed in early 2011.  The ISO edition of the specification incorporates a number of editorial and technical corrections including those listed in the current ES5 errata.

In order to keep the ISO and Ecma specifications in strict alignment, TC39 is preparing a revision to the ES5 spec. whose content is identical to the ISO version. It also includes a new Annex F that lists the technically significant changes incorporated into the revision. This revision will be known as Ecma-262, Edition 5.1.  We'll probably just talk about it as ES5.1.

The final draft is available from the wiki:  

Note that the ISO version is currently frozen so the only changes  to the ES5.1 draft that can be considered at this time are the content of Annex F or any Ecma-spec boilerplate or formatting issues.

There are a few ES5 issues that have been discovered subsequent to the ISO spec. freeze and there are undoubtably further errors to be discovered in these new editions.  I will start an ES5.1 errata to track such items.

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