Yet more ambiguities in property enumeration

Mark S. Miller erights at
Fri Apr 23 09:01:08 PDT 2010

Mike Stay (cc'ed) noticed the following ambiguity:

What should the following print?

    var base = {x:8};
    function showProps(obj) {
      var result = [];
      for (var k in obj) {
        result.push(k, ': ', ''+obj[k], '\n');
      return result.join('');
    var derived = Object.create(base, {x: {value: 9, enumerable: false}});

Of current ES5 implementations in progress,

* TraceMonkey and SES5/3 (Mike Stay's emulation of the Secure subset of
EcmaScript 5 strict on current ES3R browsers) currently gives
     the empty string,
  meaning that the non-enumerable "x" in derived shadows the enumerable "x"
from base.

* WebKit nightly and V8 currently gives
    "x: 9"
  meaning that the enumerable "x" from base shows through, causing the above
loop to look up the value of the unenumerable shadowing "x" property.

I have not tested any other partial ES5 implementations (Rhino,
ObjectPascal, ??).

The relevant test seems to be ES5 section 12.6.4 step 6.a (and likewise 7.a
for the next production):

      Let P be the name of the next property of obj whose [[Enumerable]]
attribute is true.

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