names [Was: Approach of new Object methods in ES5]

David Herman dherman at
Mon Apr 19 17:49:33 PDT 2010

> I'm a great fan of coupling proposals.  Putting a dozen uncoupled
> proposals into Harmony looks like a recipe for a hodge-podge language.
> Finding powerful abstractions that solve several problems at once (in
> this case weak hashes and private variables) feels much nicer.

That's not been our experience. TC39 has made good progress since agreeing to the Harmony approach, which involves keeping proposals as orthogonal as possible. That doesn't mean we can't exercise taste and caution in deciding on what goes together in the end, and it certainly doesn't mean we don't consider the effects the different proposals have on one another, but it *does* mean we don't have to approach every design question by solving a monolithic, global constraint problem.


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