names [Was: Approach of new Object methods in ES5]

Sam Tobin-Hochstadt samth at
Sun Apr 18 05:45:40 PDT 2010

On Sun, Apr 18, 2010 at 3:56 AM, Peter van der Zee <ecma at> wrote:
>> would be ignored by older browsers. This seems bad because downrev
>> browsers would try to run the script content, unless you use server-side
>> version detection to ship this only to uprev browsers.
> How would this work in non-browsers? Does this list care about that? Should
> it? (I don't know what the main target is here...). Browsers do seem the
> prime candidate here, especially when it comes to multiple versions and
> upgrading. But how are other (non browser) implementations supposed to do
> this? Isn't an language internal solution the way to go?

There are lots of well-understood solutions for handling multiple
versions of a language in the non-browser context.  For example, C
compilers, which handle a wide variety of language dialects and
standards, often use command line switches.  It's also possible to
have separate binaries for each version (this is how it works for
Python), or a bunch of other possibilities that aren't available on
the web.
sam th
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