Complete ECMAScript 5th edition implementation

Benjamin Jan Alexander Rosseaux benjamin at
Wed Apr 7 20:11:44 PDT 2010

Brendan Eich schrieb:
> Have you runt the ES5 tests yet?
Yeah I've fix bugs in BESEN in the last night now, so that BESEN passes 
mostly all bugfree testcases (against the ES5 final spec pdf checked) 
from this testset now, but some many testcases are buggy (typing errors 
(like forgotten escape chars in string literals), no more valid spec 
definiton tests (for example some testcases uses EvalError-Checks 
instead of SyntaxError-Checks), desc.hasOwnProperty('put') instead of 
desc.hasOwnProperty('set'), forgotten return statements (for example "e 
instanceof SyntaxError" instead of "return e instanceof SyntaxError;" or 
"if(e instanceof SyntaxError){return true;}"), mistake of the right use 
of between SyntaxError/TypeError and ReferenceError at some testcases 
(for example at some DELETE operator testcases), and so on). I'll report 
these bugs in the bugtracker on the codeplex page in the next days, 
because i must find these buggy code locations again. :-)
> I guess. This isn't the place for getting gold stars; test results 
> (assuming any failing test isn't buggy) mean more than claims of being 
> feature complete. Sounds like you are *first*, though :-).
I don't want get gold stars, i want only announce my ES5 engine to the 
public, so that a usable OpenSource ECMAScript Engine for ObjectPascal 
exists now for free use for somebody.


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