Complete ECMAScript 5th edition implementation

Benjamin Jan Alexander Rosseaux benjamin at
Wed Apr 7 07:12:02 PDT 2010


I've implemented a complete ECMAScript 5th edition implementation with a 
Context-Threaded JIT, 
Subroutine-Call-Threaded-Fallback-Bytecode-Interpreter, Property Inline 
Caching, Constant Folding, Dead code elimination, Type inference, 
Incremental praise/exact mark-and-sweep garbage collector and so on.

It's implemented in ObjectPascal (compilable with FreePascal >=2.5.1, 
Delphi >=7), and is licensed under a OwnLicense+AGPLv3 Opensource 
dual-license. It should be linkable/usable with C/C++ code over wrappers 
or interfaces.

But my first question is now, where I can announce my ES5 engine with a 
best-case chance to be well known. Or may i post the link here in this 
mailing list (so far if the rules in this mailinglis is allowing this)?

And my other question is, does exist an another ES5-feature-complete 
implementation already (for comparing/checking against for bugs etc.)?

Thanks and regards,
Benjamin 'BeRo' Rosseaux

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