arguments.callee in Harmony

Charles Jolley charles at
Thu Sep 24 16:06:47 PDT 2009

>> In general I think this particular approach is not developer  
>> friendly enough.
> The function expression name is fairly irrelevant, so you could have  
> a standard style guideline
> foo : function callee() {
>     callee.base.apply ...
> }

This is actually a really interesting idea.   I'll try to use it.  In  
SproutCore's particular case we have a pre-processor that can insert  
this also, just like PTW says for OpenLazlo.  It's still annoying for  
those developers without a pre-processor to help them but better.


I'm curious, why not just give anonymous functions a default name like  
"callee".  Or perhaps have "callee" defined in a function scope to  
represent the function?  That seems to be exactly the same as the  
above; it just makes it easier for developers.  Is there a perf issue  


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