Should we move our test suites to

Mark S. Miller erights at
Sat Sep 12 11:38:08 PDT 2009

Currently, there are two open source EcmaScript test suites and one open
source JavaScript test suite.

* for testing the differences between ES5
and ES3
* for testing ES3
* for testing Mozilla's

In committee, we all agreed that we like the structure of the first two, as
they follow the structure of the spec. We also agreed that we'd like the
results of developing and possibly merging these test suites to be hosted at, and to eventually earn some kind of status as the official
conformance test suites. The open question is where to do the development.
Having the development be split among three, or even two, code development
sites that some participants might regard as partisan, and that operate in
somewhat different ways, is doable but not optimal.

Current resources at that one might start from for joint
development are and .
Are these adequate starting points? Are there other suitable resources
hosted by Ecma? Could there be? Is this realistic? What about other
alternatives like sourceforge or github? Or are we better off just sticking
with the current split development that, frankly, is working rather well?

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