Another ES5 harness bug

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I just discovered these this afternoon and also discovered that I wasn’t getting automatic notification when such things were posted.  I’ve fixed the latter problem and will look at these.  As I’ve already replay to Jeff Walden I suggest we move specific discussion of this topic to the conformance suite project’s discussion forum  which I will now be monitoring.


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I've submitted a bunch of issues [1] and patches [2] for the ES5conform suite, including ones that address that exact issue [3], [4]. I haven't seen any sign that anyone's looking at them though.


On Wed, Sep 9, 2009 at 08:40, Jeff Walden <jwalden+es at<mailto:jwalden%2Bes at>> wrote:

A number of tests include comments noting that the test function must be executed such that this is the global object.  As the harness is currently implemented, this isn't the case -- this is the test harness object itself.  This breaks a number of tests, of which the example following this email is representative.

Here's a patch to address this problem in the harness and to fix a few tests (only the ones I was immediately examining) to work correctly with it:

What needs to happen for this to be fixed upstream?





Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor returns data desc for functions on built-ins (Global.decodeURIComponent)


function testcase() {
   var desc = Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor(this, "decodeURIComponent");
   if (desc.value === this.decodeURIComponent &&
       desc.writable === true &&
       desc.enumerable === false && desc.configurable === true) {
       return true;


function prereq() {
   return fnExists(Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptor);


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