Property Iteration in JSON serialization

Oliver Hunt oliver at
Tue Oct 13 23:38:42 PDT 2009

> Currently FF3.5.4 doesn't properly apply replacer functions, but  
> Safari 4, WebKit, IE8, and Chrome 3 work fine for this task.

For the purpose of discussion webkit and safari (and epiphany, and  
arora, ...) are synonymous -- chrome represents the only version of  
webkit using a unique JS engine.  I think for that reason it's better  
to distinguish based on JS engine rather the browser: SpiderMonkey,  
JavaScriptCore, V8, and JScript all support JSON natively nowadays --  
unsure about any opera betas atm, nor what the JS engine in O is named,

That said, the Safari 4 branch of webkit (which i believe is used as  
the stable branch for WebKit/qt as well) has a bug where it provides  
the global object rather than the holder object as the `this` argument  
to the replacer function.


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