access to Unicode SMP?

David-Sarah Hopwood david-sarah at
Tue Oct 13 17:36:25 PDT 2009

Peter Michaux wrote:
> ES5 Section 7.8.4 discusses UnicodeEscapeSequence which have four
> hexidecimal digits (i.e. \u0000 to \uFFFF) and allows specification of
> characters on the Unicode Basic Multilingual Plane. Is it possible in
> ECMAScript to specify characters on higher planes like the
> Supplementary Multilingual Plane?

It is possible to specify their UTF-16 representations using
\u escapes.

> If not, why was that access excluded?

It wasn't a priority to add specific syntax for supplementary escapes
in ES5 (remember that ES5 has very few syntax extensions in general,
and the ones that it has, such as the get/set object literal syntax,
are taken unchanged from existing implementation precedent). I hope
that such a syntax will be included in Harmony, though, along with
more comprehensive Unicode library support.

David-Sarah Hopwood  ⚥

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