The precise meaning of "For each named own enumerable property name P of O"

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> Allen Wirfs-Brock wrote:
>> ES5 section 12.6 (for-in statement) says:
>> The mechanics and order of enumerating the properties (step 6.a in the
>> first algorithm, step 7.a in the second) is not specified. Properties of the
>> object being enumerated may be deleted during enumeration. If a property
>> that has not yet been visited during enumeration is deleted, then it will
>> not be visited. If new properties are added to the object being enumerated
>> during enumeration, the newly added properties are guaranteed not to be
>> visited in the active enumeration.
>> ES3 says pretty much the same thing with minor wording tweaks.
> I'm resurrecting this thread from August because I just noticed that one of
> the "minor wording tweaks" between the ES3 version and the ES5 version is
> this one:
> ES3: "the newly added properties are not guaranteed to be visited"
> ES5: "the newly added properties are guaranteed not to be visited"
> The transposition of the two words makes a big difference that doesn't seem
> like a minor tweak to me, and I can't find a discussion of it in the mailing
> lists so I wanted to make sure that this was an intentional rather than
> accidental change.

It was intentional. It was discussed at least on the ES3.1 phone calls. Have
you looked for a record at <>?

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