Binary data (ByteArray/ByteVector) proposal on public-script-coord

Charles Jolley charles at
Thu Nov 5 22:18:30 PST 2009

> Why? What would the hypothetical Data.prototype.freeze do that would  
> be
> different to applying Object.freeze to a Data object?

For example, I might load an immutable JPG and then want to set: = "someimage.jpg";

to help me keep track of what the data is.  Freezing would prevent  
adding useful "expando" properties such as this as well as preventing  
changing the data.  This is equally non-JS-like IMO.


>> (though i agree that the function names
>> freeze and frozen are just asking for problems in conjunction with  
>> ES5
>> :D ).  There are plenty of times where I would want to provide  
>> immutable
>> data (the UA sharing content, etc), but i may still want to modify  
>> the
>> object itself.
> Oh, you mean that you want *read-only* Data objects backed by a  
> mutable
> array. That is not the same thing as an immutable (or "frozen") Data  
> object.
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