section 12.14: Note about restoration of LexicalEnvironment may be appropriate

Jim Blandy jimb at
Wed May 20 12:41:16 PDT 2009

Like the 'with' statement, the 'catch' clause of a 'try' statement can 
establish local bindings.  In both cases, the spec describes this in 
terms of changing the execution context's LexicalEnvironment temporarily 
and then restoring it.

In the description of 'with', there is a "NOTE" assuring the reader that 
the LexicalEnvironment is always restored regardless of how the 
contained statement terminates.  This is clear enough, as step 7 of the 
algorithm explicitly talks about how exceptions are to be handled, but 
the note is still a nice sanity check.

It seems to me that the description of 'catch' ought to have essentially 
the same note.  The body of a catch clause is a Block and not a 
Statement, so there's no need to mention exception handling, as Block 
takes care of that, but this is kind of subtle.

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