strict mode operators (was: Re: Operators ||= and &&=)

Michael Davey md84419 at
Thu May 7 02:09:57 PDT 2009

Brendan Eich wrote:
> I tried like hell in 1996-7 to get == and != to be what became ===
> and !==, in JS1.2, at the same time ES1 was being standardized. At
> that point Microsoft had less market share than Netscape and therefore
> did not want to risk "breaking the web", so we standardized == and !=
> as the crap-tastic non-equivalence relations they are, and added ===
> and !==.
> (Adding better forms and hoping to deprecate their precursors is a
> constant theme on the Web; nothing against Microsoft's position here,
> from this remove in time.)

That is an interesting point.  I understand the desire to keep ES5
strict mode as minimal as possible but I do wonder whether it could go
further in 'correcting' the mis-features of ES by banning == and !=
for instance.  Or perhaps they could be removed from ES Harmony except
in some kind of 'ES5 compatibility' mode?  Back on topic, I do quite
like the concept of &&& and ||| complementing === and !==.


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