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You're right, the specified algorithm (which I believe is just a restatement of the goto-based algorithm in the ES 3 spec) doesn't have any sort of recursion stopper while common implementations do.  

Do any implementers have any comments on what criteria is actually being applied?  This appears to be a case where the reality of the web differs from the specification and we should be specifying the reality.

Regarding, step 9 of joint it is "Let k be 1" in my copies.  If you may be having a problem if you are trying to filter change mark visibility to only the most recent changes.  Sometimes Word seems to get confused about what to display when filtering in that manner.


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>I may be missing something obvious but I can't see where
>Array.prototype.join prevents unlimited recursion in code like:
>a = [1,2]
>(implementations seem to give "1,2," as output in this case).
>Also, step 9 of the algorithm in the current draft appears to be blank.
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