Operator overloading revisited

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.com
Tue Jun 30 11:06:27 PDT 2009

On Jun 30, 2009, at 10:35 AM, Allen Wirfs-Brock wrote:

> Pulling back from Mark's and Brendan's programming language  
> metaphysics discussion (which I think is interesting and useful) I  
> just wanted to say that I find Christian's proposal quite  
> interesting. It feels like a natural fit to the language as it  
> exists today and doesn't require any new abstraction concepts such  
> as classes, nominal type, value types, etc. although it could be  
> made compatible with any of them. It has a simple conceptual  
> explanation: an operator works with two object if they both  
> associate the same function with that operator.
> It may or may not be the ultimate solution, but I think it deserves  
> serious consideration.

We can entertain strawman UI but I hope to focus on substance not  

Costs that seem to leap out from Christian's mutual-asymmetric  
multimethod proposal:

1. Two lookups, "this+" and "+this", required.
2. Intersection.

(2) looks like a transformation or simplification of standard  
multimethod Class Precedence List usage to find the most specific  
method. Any system allowing multiple methods for a given operator will  
have something like it.

(1) seems avoidable, though -- *assuming* it is not a phantom cost. We  
have to deal with the symmetric vs. encapsulated issue, though. But  
notice that Christian's proposal does not use "this" in the method  

   function pointPlusNumber(a, b) {
     return new Point(a.x + b, a.y + b);
   function numberPlusPoint(a, b) {
     return new Point(a + b.x, a + b.y);
   function addPoints(a, b) {
     return new Point(a.x + b.x, a.y + b.y);

These are nice generic functions. With type annotations or guards, you  
could imagine them as adding to generic function "+":

   generic function "+"(a :Point, b :Point) {
     return new Point(a.x + b.x, a.y + b.y);

Syntax is not the point, please hold fire and spare the bikeshed --  
the unencapsulated (no |this| or |self|) nature of these functions is  
what I'm stressing.

So why require "this+" and "+this" lookups?

If the reason is to assign responsibility to the different  
constructors [*], then how can you tell who is responsible?

Function.defineOperator in the proposal binds both "this+" and  
"+this". I agree these should not be plain old properties. But then  
why spec them as named internal properties of any kind?

Suppose we had a generic function "+" (syntax TBD) to which methods  
could be added for particular non-conflicting pairs of operand types.  
Then the lookup would be for two types A and B, but this can be  
optimized under the hood. See, e.g.,


Seems worth allowing this kind of optimization. Whether and how users  
add multimethods we can debate at greater length. But can we agree  
that the "this+" and "+this" properties are not necessary?


[*] or constructor.prototypes in your reply, but I don't see why we  
would require noisy ".prototype" suffixing -- instanceof does not!

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