Why decimal?

Christian Plesner Hansen christian.plesner.hansen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 12:49:58 PDT 2009

Good thing you caught me before I'd sent my reply :-P.

If decimal isn't being actively pursued I'll give the anti-decimal
propaganda machine a break.  And if it does turn out that decimal
becomes a popular extension I'll happily accept that I've been proven
wrong and be all for including it in the language.

-- Christian

> Sorry, I overreacted and changed timeframe from your "harmony" to
> "all-time".
> For Harmony, which is also ill-defined but may mean exactly ES6, I would be
> surprised if we both standardize value types and see a decimal library
> become so popular it merits inclusion in the core language.
> If Harmony [Middle English armonie, from Old French, from Latin harmonia,
> from Greek harmoniā, articulation, agreement, harmony, from harmos, joint.]
> extends beyond ES6 in some way we should rename it.
> Of course we hope that the committee will operate harmoniously for a good
> long time, but we have other musical tropes to abuse ;-).
> So let's say ES6 is Harmony. Once again I do not wish to "ban" decimal from
> ES6 but it is not on the committee's agenda, and members do not want to
> standardize it in a "hardcoded" fashion, so value types come first, and may
> be the only extension relevant to decimal in ES6.
> /be

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