Another de-facto insecurity we need to fix in ES5

Christian Plesner Hansen christian.plesner.hansen at
Thu Jun 18 01:01:27 PDT 2009

> As reason for skepticism, our v8 folk cite
> <"__proto__+%3D+"+lang:javascript>
> Seems like a fair chunk of those examples are in JS code that's not deployed
> on public Web sites.

Much of it is extension and browser implementation code, true. That
would still have to be rewritten unless we go for a model where we
disallow [[Prototype]] changes only for external js.

If you ignore internal js code there still seems to be a fair amount
left: code that runs in all browsers but checks that __proto__ is
present before writing to it or code that is only ever served to or
used with certain implementations (including rhino server-side).

But as Mark said, if these turn out to be non-problems or if we can
work around them then we're very sympathetic to the idea of a
read-only [[Prototype]].

-- Christian

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