Could this be removed from Array#concat.

Allen Wirfs-Brock Allen.Wirfs-Brock at
Mon Jun 15 11:14:23 PDT 2009

Also agree and will fix it.  I haven't worked though all these sorts of editorial comments yet...

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At 10:29 PM 6/14/2009, John-David Dalton wrote:

I think that under      Array.prototype.concat
 5 -> b. -> iii -> 3 - > "a. Call ToString(n)." could be removed as it
is performed in c.

- John-David Dalton

I had also thought this in my comments to the editors (apparently missed) prior to publishing, saying
        Also, step 5.b.iii.4 could probably be removed, as the call to
        [[DefineOwnProperty]] does its own ToString(n)

( before some late reorganization "5.b.iii.4" was the current 5.b.iii.3.a )

So... seconded.
(Or firsted?... anyway _agreed_ :-) )
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