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> ECMAScript 4 had a ByteArray feature that the W3C WebApps WG wanted to use
> for XMLHttpRequest Level 2, to expose the raw response data and also to
> allow any entity body to be transmitted to the server the author could
> think of.
> However, ByteArray is no longer there. HTML5 has a concept called
> CanvasPixelArray which is effectively a byte array and I suppose we could
> define something like that as well, but it seems nicer if we can just map
> it to something part of the ECMAScript.
> Are there any plans for such a feature?

Hi Anne,

It hasn't been actively discussed in committee or on the list. But it wasn't
one of the elements of ES4 explicitly taken off the table by the Harmony
agreement. The ServerJS community is rapidly converging on a standard for
server-side use <>. If this remans
clean and gains traction, as I expect, then it is likely to be the starting
point for any future EcmaScript standardization efforts along these lines.
But please understand that these are only my unofficial speculations.

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