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Patrick Mueller pmuellr at
Tue Jun 9 20:02:04 PDT 2009

Today on the serverjs mailing list, the subject of standardizing  
debugging interfaces came up.

As Mark notes in his post on the thread, something on the level of  
JPDA (JDI et al), or the more "modern" JVMTI ( 
) might be the sort of things to target, in terms of functionality.

I also noticed Charles McCaffieNevile mentioned standardized debugging  
API in a movie recently placed up on Yahoo Theatre (at about 14:50):

On a somewhat related note, there has been some work making the  
debugging experience better for developers, by making use of some non- 
standard conventions in source code.  Two of these I'm familiar with  
are FireFox's "//@ sourceURL" annotation to 'name' eval() and  
Function() code blocks, and WebKit's displayName property to name  
otherwise anonymous functions.  In both of these cases, the  
functionality is provided purely for the use of developer tooling -  
debugging and profiling.  Links to more info on these here:

I've run into a few people interested in looking into this, but it's  
not quite clear to me where work relating to this should happen.  I  
tend to view standards groups as not the places to do design work, so  
didn't really think ECMA would be the right place to talk about this,  
but Mark Miller indicated it would be good to at least post the  
thought up here.

So, question is, where might folks interesting in this stuff work on  
this?  Here?  I was also thinking the nascent Open Web Advocacy group  
might be another place:

Patrick Mueller -

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