More [[DefineOwnProperty]]

Jeff Walden jwalden+es at MIT.EDU
Mon Jun 8 18:14:16 PDT 2009

In Array's [[DefineOwnProperty]], what is the rationale for calling the default [[DefineOwnProperty]] with a Throw argument specified as false, rather than the Throw provided to the initial call?

In step 6, does "same value" mean the SameValue spec operation?  If so the expected notation should be used here.

Since no property is guaranteed to be present, by the time we reach step 7, we cannot rely on every property of Desc being present.  How then should 7a be interpreted if [[Configurable]] was missing from Desc, or 7b if [[Enumerable]] is missing from Desc, or 10a(i) if [[Writable]] is absent from Desc?  The specification incorrectly assumes each is actually present in the property descriptor.

I believe these last concerns only further demonstrate why standalone [[Configurable]]/[[Enumerable]]/[[Writable]] modifications should be removed to their own method rather than leaving them in Object.defineProperty, as I requested in a previous thread.


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