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Content preview:  On Jul 6, 2009, at 7:23 PM, Mark S. Miller wrote: > On Mon,
   Jul 6, 2009 at 6:10 PM, Alex Russell<alex at dojotoolkit.org> > wrote: >>>>
  The original "classes as sugar" sketch Mark did to general >>>> agreement
  at >>>> Oslo >>>> included freezing the class object (constructor function)
   *and* >>>> bind the >>>> class name as a const (neither writable nor configurable
   in the >>>> binding >>>> object or frame). >> >> This point disturbs me.
  Making classes frozen solves no existing JS >> programmer problems, introduces
   new restrictions with no mind paid >> to the >> current (useful) patterns
   of WRT the prototype chain, and >> introduces the >> need for a const that
   only seems there to make some weird security >> use-cases >> work. >> [...]
   >> Questions of "integrity" here to my mind should be justified by why >>
   they'll >> be good for ALL code, not just abuse of built-ins, and then weighed
   >> against >> other possible solutions. Freezing classes seems premature
  to me. > > > For low integrity patterns (or "loosey goosey" as Allen sometimes
   > says), JavaScript has always been and will remain a fine language. [...]

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