Revisiting Decimal (generic algorithms)

Sam Ruby rubys at
Sat Jan 31 05:11:09 PST 2009

Brendan Eich wrote:
> This variation preserves wrappers, so a Decimal converter function (when 
> invoked) and constructor (via new, and to hold a .prototype home for 
> methods). The committee plunks for more of this primitive/wrapper 
> business, since we have wrappers and primitives for numbers and other 
> types, and backward compatibility requires keeping them. Operators work 
> mostly as implemented already by Sam (results here 
> <>, with some 
> out-of-date results; notably typeof 1.1m should be "decimal" not 
> "object" -- and not "number").

More up to date results can be found here:

Which was discussed here:

> Sam and I are going to work on adapting Sam's SpiderMonkey 
> implementation, along with our existing ES3.1-based JSON codec and 
> trace-JITting code, to try this out. More details as we get into the work.
> Since the bug is about usability, we have to prototype and test on real 
> users, ideally a significant number of users. We crave comments and 
> ideas from es-discuss too, of course.

I'd like to highlight one thing: Mike and I agreed to "no visible 
cohorts" with the full knowledge that it would be a significant 
usability issue.  We did so in order to get decimal in 3.1. In the 
context of Harmony, I feel that is is important that we fully factor in 
usability concerns.  Prototyping and testing on real users, ideally with 
a significant number of users, is an excellent way to proceed.

> /be

- Sam Ruby

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