Comments on new section 10

Cormac Flanagan cormac at
Fri Jan 23 12:55:39 PST 2009

Some comments/feedback on the new section 10

Much longer and clearer than the old section 10, and much improved.
However, there remain some parts where I got confused and which could
perhaps be further improved/clarified.
A few minor typo/grammar issues still remaining too.

There seems to be some room for confusion between "identifiers" and
"names". Are they synonyms? Sometimes "N" or "name" is used to refer
to an identifier; there are mentions of "formal parameter names" (are
these identifiers?), etc.  Also, are identifiers synonymous with
strings? Sometimes "name" is used to denote a string (eg in 10.5,
definition of MakeArgGetter). Overall, I think a non-expert reader
might be left unclear as to the global naming conventions and
associated implicit types  in the spec.

10.2.1: Method specification for GetBindingValue and SetMutableBiding
do not describe behavior when S is false. Should they? Spec is slightly different (in phrasing at least, possibly
in meaning) than in 10.2.1. Is this intentional/necessary? In general,
redundancy in a spec may lead to ambiguity/inconsistency. Order of methods differs from 10.2.1, with a (small) loss
of clarity. Also some grammar and spelling issues. Repitition of earlier spec for CreateImmutableBinding,
with different phrasing and/or meaning, introducing possibility for
ambiguity/inconsistency. Inconsistent naming with earlier paragraphs, eg "N" vs
"name", "S" vs "strict".  Also typo ".."

10.5 Typo "When _the_ CreateArgumentsObject() is call_ed_ ..."

10.5.1: Typo "If a_n_ arguments object .."

- Cormac

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