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Mark S. Miller erights at
Wed Jan 14 15:22:08 PST 2009

When I look at some trac tickets, I see a red box with an error message
instead of expected text. For example, the first comment at <>, cut-n-pasted into my email is:

Changed 1 month<>ago
by brendan
¶ <>

At the Kona meeting, I thought we agreed to avoid making an array (say from
another frame) indistinguishable according to isArray from an arguments
object. At least the Array.prototype.concat method discriminates on
*Error: Failed to load processor Class*

No macro or processor named 'Class' found

== "Array". We should provide the necessary minimal tools, at the least.
Function.prototype.apply would want an isArrayLike predicate, but that
should be named differently from isArray.


A "View Selection Source" on the relevant part of the web page:

 method discriminates on </p><div class="system-message"><strong>Error:
Failed to load processor <code>Class</code></strong><pre>No macro or
processor named 'Class' found</pre></div><p> == "Array".

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