The JS onerror event and the ECMA Standard

P T Withington ptw at
Mon Jan 5 08:36:18 PST 2009

On 2009-01-05, at 07:42EST, Michael Ratcliffe wrote:

> I have a question about the Javascript onerror event ... I know it  
> is not part of the
> ECMA standard and that is my point.

I would sure like to see a more comprehensive error-handling  
capability in the language.  Something that would let me bind handlers  
to errors along the lines of Lisp's:

Because the most common use of JS is in a web browser, and because  
your JS can be entered 'randomly' (in response to user events), it  
would be very nice if there were an in-language way to specify a  
default handler binding for error classes.

This issue plagues ActionScript as well:

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