parseInt and implicit octal constants

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Sun Feb 22 15:13:02 PST 2009

On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 9:30 AM, Allen Wirfs-Brock
<Allen.Wirfs-Brock at> wrote:
> David-Sarah Hopwood wrote:
>>Herman Venter wrote:

> Finally, there is another approach to resolving this issue.  Define a new global function, parseInteger, that does the "right thing" and relegate parseInt to Annex B.

That is a good idea, but I wonder: Would programs use that?

a program could use:

  i = parseInt(x)

- which can result in undesirable behavior. That is fixed by:-

  i = parseInt(x, 10)

- or the proposal:-

  if(typeof parseInteger == "function") {
    i = parseInteger(x);
  } else {
    i = parseInt(x, 10);

-which seems a bit clunky. How about just:-

  i = parseInteger(x)

but that last one may result in an error, should the implementation
not support the new function. Programs that use parseInt(x, 10) will
work in more implementations.


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