The global object in browsers

Ian Hickson ian at
Thu Feb 19 03:15:34 PST 2009

On Thu, 19 Feb 2009, David-Sarah Hopwood wrote:
> I think it should matter. The vendors should be asked to give a reason 
> that makes technical sense. That this option "could not be implemented 
> in a high-performance manner" does not make sense -- which means that it 
> is quite possible that the vendors were asked the wrong question, or had 
> some misunderstanding about how such a specification could be 
> implemented.

I don't believe there was any misunderstanding, but regardless: if you are 
able to convince the implementors to implement something other than what 
is currently specced in HTML5, I'm very happy to change the spec to 
require that instead. I don't really mind how this works, I just want to 
make sure the spec is clear on what is required and that the spec matches 
what actually gets implemented, and ideally I would like it to not 
contradict the ES specs as it unfortunately does now.

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